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So you’re starting a new business or you’re a small business owner? You’ve looked around and the marketing options have you puzzled? You have a small budget and you’re confused about the way to invest it effectively? Whether you have little or no knowledge at all about online and offline marketing, we can make it work for you; from free website construction to the most comprehensive marketing campaings. We analyze your industry and business model. We answer all your questions.After years of navigating small businesses to great heights, rest assured that we will do the same for your business. We leverage new technologies to help you garner a large customer following.

Transformation! That's what we deliver. Bedford Crawley is an award-winning company specializing in brands, online presence and marketing promotion. As a brand and web development agency based in London UK and Orlando USA, we work with start-ups and small businesses; delivering successful cutting-edge brands, online presence and marketing campaigns. If you'd like to advance the way your brand, online presence or marketing looks and performs, drop us a line or pop in for a chat. The coffee's on us!

brand design & development web design & development

We identify the nugget that exists in every company, the thing that makes it truly different; the "Unique Selling Proposition". From this we create an identity and message designed to stand out - "the brand platform" derived from the "unique selling proposition". The strength of any brand development exercise is in its planning. The process is collaborative, pragmatic, fast, and is designed to bring people together to formulate one single view of an organisation. With the brand strategy defined, the creative process can begin.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a new website that your company could be proud of, that felt exciting, one that gave your customers a feel for what you do, and which makes best use of web technology? Website planning and research is about extracting the key information from our clients to arrive at the best possible strategic and creative brief. Your requirements are unique; so our starting point is to bring together stakeholders in your business, examine the needs and attitudes of your customers, and get to the heart of your organisation...

e-mail & social media marketing search engine marketing

Social media is a growing phenomenon that businesses are finding is an effective marketing tool. Social media is in fact just another name for online PR - the idea of promoting yourself through useful content about your industry, your clients and other stakeholders. We identify the right strategy for your business, and implement and manage your accounts on your behalf. All with the aim of attracting 'followers' and turning them into advocates and customers. Email alerts, newsletters and campaigns present an opportunity to keep you front of mind with your customers. While marketing emails are no longer as intrusive as they once were, their content, length, structure, tone, timing, and frequency all play an important part in their usefulness to forge closer relationships and ultimately generate more business.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is at the core of what we do - delivering websites that generate marketing results. And this generally means requiring more people to find, visit and interact with a website. Useful websites, which attract, engage and convert customers, will also appear high in search engine results. This is underpinned with a strategic and always up-to-date approach to accelerate and boost positions. We consider SEO throughout website planning, design and build projects; this ensures that the underlying site structure and sitemap is optimisable. The setting up on-page factors, optimising content, transitioning old sites, link building and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are undertaken entirely by our in-house SEM team.


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